How To Plant A Holly Bush

A popular plant to use in a summer garden is the holly bush. It is grown in a variety of conditions. It grows quite well in southern California and Arizona. If you live somewhere else,you can transplant your holly bush to the appropriate place.

If you are transplanting the holly bush,you will want to get rid of all of the leaves. You will need to prune it to make room for the new plant. When you have done this,dig a hole in the soil that is two feet deep. Make sure that it is in an area that is away from your home.

When you dig the hole,place the plant into the hole. Make sure it is at the top. The next step is to fill in the hole with soil. You can use rocks,bricks,cement,or pebbles.

When you have planted the plant,make sure that the plant is in full sun. If you live in a part of the country that gets little sunlight,you may want to move your plant indoors until the weather warms up. Make sure the plant has plenty of water and fertilizer.

The plant needs to be watered often. If it is not getting the proper moisture,you will want to move it out of the ground. When you do move the plant,make sure that you keep the soil moist to prevent root rot.

You will need to replant the plant every three to five years. The plant will also need to be removed in extreme weather. Do not move the plant during a heavy rain or snow storm. When the plant is being moved,make sure that the roots of the plant are not damaged.

You should replant the new plant every two to three years. The new plant should be in the same area in the garden. If you plant it near a house,the roots may come in contact with other plants that you have. If you move the plant,make sure that the roots are not touching any shrubs or trees that you have.

When you replant the holly bush,do it slowly so that the roots are not disturbed. You will need to dig a hole that is about six inches deep.

When you are moving the plant,do not dig it up when the ground is still wet. If you move it before the ground is wet,it will take longer to get roots into the ground. It is best to move it after a big rain or snow storm.

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