Pelican Marsh Real Estate – A Naples FL Luxury Golfing Community

What has made you pick Pelican Marsh as the community in Naples where you might want to live? You want more information about Pelican Marsh real estate, and I’ve got some for sure. This golfing community features something for everyone, and it is especially known as a great place for retirees. Are you about to retire? Are you a golfer? If so, you might want to look at why so many people are checking out [dcl=6625].

The entire community is one great luxury development. It’s more than just about golfing, but the golf course there is superb. There are PGA events hosted at Pelican Marsh, and it’s a fun place to play a round of golf, too simply. If you are considering a property purchase in Pelican Marsh, you are going to be able to play golf there anytime you like. Who knows, you might see some of the greats hit the links from time to time.

Pelican Marsh is also known for its protected preserve and its walking, jogging, and biking paths. The whole community is quite beautiful, and the luxury homes and condos there are in high demand. When it comes to the golf club, gourmet dining is also made available. You have one of the best places to eat available to you without ever leaving the community.

Let’s talk prices for a moment, including those membership fees for the golf course. Condos in the Pelican Marsh community range from $300k to $750k. That tells you right there that you are looking at luxurious condos. What about the homes? You can pick up a single family home for as cheap as $610k, and the prices range on up to $11m.

There are a total of 1960 homes in the community, so it’s quite large. Now it’s time to discuss those Pelican Marsh Golf Club membership fees. What’s a full membership going to cost you? It’s going to cost you $45k. The annual membership dues are slightly above $10k. You can also opt for the social membership fee and pay much smaller annual dues as well.

There are currently 380 full memberships, so it’s not like everyone springs for the entire enchilada. The course opened up in 1994. It has been renovated in recent years, too. That tells you more about Pelican Marsh Golf Club as you get ready to look at all of the properties there.

After discovering the prices, are you going to look for a condo or a home? The homes do range on up to $11m, but you can imagine that are many listings that are still much cheaper than that top price. Homes start at just above $600k remember, and the condos top out at $750k.

The address for the Golf Club is 1810 Persimmon Drive for when you get ready to head on over there and take a look. It would be fun to do that on a whim, too, but you’re also going to want to look at properties eventually. When it’s time to take a closer look at individual visit properties, make sure you have already networked with one of the best real estate agents like: [dcl=6586]

The agent will show you around so that you can check out all the best properties in the community of Pelican Marsh. Once you have had a chance to see which properties fit your needs, you will start to get an idea about what move you want to make. It’s going to be nice living in a luxury community like Pelican Marsh, and you have to find the property you want to buy.

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